Digital Kitchen Scale Reviews

For professional chefs and beginners as well as housewives who love to cook, accurate measurement in the kitchen is a must. Of course, spoons and measuring cups would do in some cases, but in a lot of instances, especially when baking cakes and other goodies, and for portion control, precision is a necessity.

Digital kitchen scales provide the most accurate measurement in the kitchen. However, with so many products to choose from, picking the best and the most suitable for the cook’s needs become a challenge that could lead to frustration.

This site was created expressly to make the selection and decision process for a digital kitchen scale less tricky and burdensome. We will help you weigh all the options by presenting honest reviews of the best products presently available in the market. Our reviews will be based on extensive research.

We will also ask respondents from popular online forums who have used the product under review to provide their candid and no-holds barred assessment or evaluation of the product. Although, all the digital kitchen scales on this site are good-quality products, we will present both the good and the bad features of the product so that your choice will be an educated one based on actuality.

Image Brand Dimensions Max Weight Model Number Batteries
EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale EatSmart 8 x 6 x 1.8 inches;12.8 ounces 11 lbs ESKS-01 2 AAA batteries
 Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Scale Ozeri 8 x 1.8 x 6 inches;9.6 ounces 12 lbs ZK12-B 2 AAA batteries
 American Weigh Scales American Weigh 3.9 x 5.8 x 1 inches;6.4 ounces 1000 grams AWS-1KG-BLK 2 AAA batteries
 American Weigh Scales Blade Digital Kitchen Scale American Weigh 4.1 x 4.1 x 0.9 inches;7.2 ounces 1000 grams BL-1KG-BLK 2 AAA batteries
 Fast Weigh American Weigh 2.5 x 3.6 x 0.9 inches;3.2 ounces 500 grams MS-500-BLK 2 AAA batteries
 Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale Ozeri 8.2 x 1.8 x 6 inches;12 ounces 11 lbs ZK14-S 2 AAA batteries
 Gemini - 20 Portable American Weigh 4.9 x 6.5 x 1.6 inches;9.6 ounces 20 grams GEMINI-20 2 AAA batteries
 Ozeri Touch Professional Ozeri 9.1 x 5.9 x 0.6 inches;1 pounds 11 lbs ZK13 2 Lithium ion batteries
 Epica TM Accupro Epica  N/A 11 lbs N/A 2 AAA batteries
Weigh Masters Prochef Weigh Masters 5 x 1.8 x 7.6 inches;2 pounds 11 lbs WMKS-S 2 AAA batteries

Product Comparison of the Top Five Products on the List:

EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen ScaleEatSmart Precision Pro – The first on the list and it is the best selling digital kitchen scale on the market, because of its quality and accuracy. “You will get what you paid for” is the phrase that would best describe this kitchen scale, it can weigh up to 11 lbs with graduation of .05/gram. It can display different weight variations and units like ounces, lbs, grams and kilograms, every chef needs to get the right amount of ingredients to achieve the exact taste they would like their food to taste.

Another great feature of this scale is that, it has a 3 minute auto-shutdown feature where it allows the unit to maintain its battery life. While you are busy preparing your ingredients, you are not wasting the battery life of the unit. The unit also include a free calorie factors guide, which will be perfect for cooks that will serve meals for patients and people that has to be conscious with their calorie intake for every meal.

Eatsmart precision pro digital scale is great companion for chef and cooks, at a very reasonable price of $25.00, you will get the best digital kitchen scale!

Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen ScaleOzeri Pro Digital Kitchen Food Scale – Next on the list will be the product from ozeri, the latest kitchen scale they released with a lot of multi-function features. The scale can weigh up to 12 lbs and weigh ingredients excluding the weight of its container, a truly great feature of this unit. It can also display in different metric units (grams|ounces|pounds||kilograms). It has large LCD monitor and and it also has an auto shutdown feature that allows the unit to preserve battery life. The unit also has large buttons, that makes the unit easy to use.

This digital kitchen scale also has a very precise tare feature that accurately weigh every ingredient you would like to weigh. As said above, it can weigh the ingredients excluding its container’r weight. So this will make this scale very efficient even if your ingredients are placed on a container. That’s why it is the next best selling digital kitchen scale in the market.

At the price of $15.95, this scale will be great deal for chef’s on the go and cooks that have to be accurate for each amount of ingredients.

American Weigh ScalesAmerican Weigh Scales Signature Black Digital Pocket Scale – This specific unit is the best selling unit among the series american weigh released on the market. With its great features that makes it a great companion for cooks, and its multi-functional feature, it made it way to the top of the market owning the third place of the most bought digital scale. It is durable and very compact that it can fit on pockets.

It can only weigh up to the weight of 1000 grams with 0.1 of a gram as its increment, because of its size. It has a flip open lid that serves as the tare and LCD protection that makes it more secure and avoid tare damage.

At the price of $8.26, it is great for cooks that is always on the go. Chefs that cooks on different venues.

American Weigh Scales Blade Digital Kitchen ScaleAmerican Weigh Black Blade Digital Pocket Scale – Another product from american weigh, this black blade scale has a back lit LCD display. Since it is compact and small, it can only weigh up to 1000 grams as maximum with a graduation of 0.1 grams. It also come with two expandable trays for weighing loose items.

The unit also has a 60 seconds auto off feature to preserve the unit’s battery life and powered by 2 AAA batteries which will be included on the package. Also this unit is very affordable at $9.06. Great for chefs that are always on the go or chefs that are always traveling.

Fast WeighFast Weigh by American Weigh – This little digital kitchen scale is one of the most hottest and economical kitchen scale released by American Weigh. It has a double function lid that protects the tare and also serves as an expansion tray. This unit is also can fit on your pockets making it portable, that fits traveling cooks.

The unit is designed to weigh up to 500 grams only with increment of 0.1 grams. Powered by two triple A batteries which will be very economical. A great deal for a price of $6.99.

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Digital Kitchen Scales Reviews